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Surprising Facts about Twin Pregnancy

Jul 20 , 2021

Currently the twin birth rate in India is 4 in every one thousand births and there is a rise in twinning rates over the past two decades.

Pregnancy is filled with miraculous changes and a twin pregnancy is a double miracle. But besides this there are some interesting and surprising facts about it too. Check them out

• Mothers of twins tend to live longer than moms who do not have twins.

• According to a research’s twins speak a language called cryptophasia that only they can understand.

• There are two types of twins – fraternal and identical. Fraternal twins are more common than identical twins. While fraternal twins occur when two separate eggs are fertilized by two separate sperms.

• More than 50 percent of twins is born before 37 weeks.

• If you have a history of twins in your family there are higher chances of having twins.

• Twins tend to bond inside the womb too.

• When pregnant with twins you need to take at least 2700 calories in one day.

• Even identical twins often have varying birth weights. Several things can influence birth weight, especially among twins.

• The twin who is developing closest to the cervix is called Baby A and the other one is called baby B.

• Cesarean section is a more common delivery option.

• Labour is longer with twins

• You might experience morning sickness more than in usual pregnancy

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